Prithvi Vallabh
Prithvi Vallabh

Prithvi Vallabh

A tale of two powerful states, constantly at war. Mrinal of Manyakheta dynasty, nursed an enmity against Malwa since her childhood, as they were responsible for her parents death. The battle brings two warring souls; Mrinal and Prithvi face-to-face. The animosity leads to deception, and rejection, that gradually transcends into a heart rending, passionate love story. A Love Story perhaps never meant to be

Genre: Drama , Family

Actor: Shalini Kapoor , Gurdip Kohli , Ashish Sharma , Sonarika Bhadoria , Jitin Gulati , Ravi Khanvilkar , Pawan Chopra

Director: Arvind Singh


Country: Unknown

Release: 2018-01-20


Quality: HD

Rating: 0