Araf 3: Cinler Kitabi
Araf 3: Cinler Kitabi

Araf 3: Cinler Kitabi

Araf 3: Cinler Kitabı is about a young woman who struggles to save her brother who is captured by a demon. At the age of eight, Arda is captured by a powerful devil worshiper. Arda's older sister Nihal does her best to save her brother from this trouble, but she cannot achieve any results. Nİhal, who tries every way to find a solution, takes his brother to doctors and cinci teachers, but nothing changes. Meanwhile, the young woman learns that there is a book called Kitabü'l Azazil, which contains very powerful spells. Nihal, who seizes the book containing dangerous and deadly spells to save his brother, asks his lover and two close friends to help him make a spell written here. Four young people gathered in a house and manage to save Arda with the magic they cast. However, with the magic they cast, the youth cause the most powerful demons ever seen to be set free.





Country: Unknown

Release: 2019-11-01

Duration: 0 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0